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A Fully Immersive

3D Metaverse

Shopping & Lounge


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Dance Party

Dance Party 1

Dance Party
@ The Lounge

Hosted Event

Meet & Greet
@ The Warehouse

Dance Party 2

Dance Party
@ The Warehouse

robs bday bash real

Dance Party
@ The Storefront

What is

A New Type of
Virtual Experience

Shop online in the comfort of your own home in a brand new virtual way!

Virtually shop, look, and touch product before purchasing.

Check out our more immersive, hands-on shopping experience and ditch boring old 2D online menu scrolling.

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Virtual Venues

Meet up with friends at our members-only virtual meeting spaces – each made with a different vibe in mind.

Each space has something for everyone, from music venues, meetup-ups, and education, to virtual art spaces.

Watch our preview video to catch the vibe of each unique shop & meet-up space.

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Bring Your Squad

Join an event and bring your friends.

Our rooms are made for members. Whether you’re looking to grow your NFT collection, open your ears to a new music experience, or simply meet to chat with friends in the Metaverse, we have a place for you!

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